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Welcome to Moonwater Consulting!

Updated: Jan 24

Over the years, you’ve likely heard several famous quotes about branding from successful entrepreneurs, poets, or experts. A lot of talk about perception, experience, and feelings. And all of that is true. Yet, here’s another perspective …

Branding for your business is your way of choosing your customers. Personal branding is how you choose your fans and partners. Marketing is the most efficient way to communicate with them. 

I find these words helpful when reminding all the small businesses and individuals with lofty goals that you have more control over your destiny than is often given credit. It just involves some forethought and long-term strategic planning. What you sell, how you price it, the way you describe it, as well as where you showcase it all leads to you zeroing in on your target audience. When done correctly, it’s intentional and predictable. This is where Moonwater Consulting can help you navigate every step of the way. 

We are a boutique marketing consultancy filled with strategists and practitioners who have both agency and in-house experience. Working with B2B and B2C businesses primarily serving the West Coast, we specialize in the equine/equestrian, technology, finance, retail, and legal industries. We bring forth a varied background of skill sets, exceptional client service, strategic planning, original campaigns, and clean branding that makes an impact.

As Owner/Principal, I have 20+ years of marketing experience primarily in technology and financial service industries, focusing on lead generation and brand awareness. From strategic planning to filming TV commercials to full brand refreshes, I’ve been involved in almost every part of branding, marketing, or advertising. Working with companies like Microsoft, OnPoint Community Credit Union, Webtrends, and Janrain, as well as several smaller brands currently, has taught me how to tell a brand’s story in the most compelling way possible, while staying true to oneself. 

In addition to my professional work, I have had the honor of serving on the board of Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest for several years, where we help provide opportunity, and advocate for underserved girls in our region. Giving back and focusing on the community has been and will always be part of my life and a priority for this company.

I’ve also been involved with horses since I was 5 years old, and while I still ride for pleasure, much of my horse time these days is being my older daughter’s biggest fan (and chauffeur) as she competes in West Coast hunter/jumper and dressage shows. My involvement in the sport is what gave me a front-row seat to the evolution of the horse industry, and is what convinced me to expand my business to the equine world. With so much being done online following COVID, businesses are reaching far beyond their home region and beyond word of mouth. This means those in the equine industry have more opportunity, but also more competition than ever before. Brands are looking for help on how to stand out while articulating their value proposition authentically. I’m energized by the thought of helping others navigate this pivotal moment, and I believe my professional experience combined with knowing the horse industry inside and out places today’s challenges firmly in my sweet spot. 

Some have asked about the Moonwater name, so a quick anecdote … in 2021, our family experienced much tragedy, including the deaths of several close family members. While living through loss is not uncommon for any of us, that year hit our family in a way no other had to date. However, during this time, a beautiful new horse came into our lives – one who brought so much joy and light. He was a wonder to watch and the charisma to match. He lifted our spirits and helped us look forward again. He brought magic back into our lives. 

His name is Moonwater. And in starting this company, I hope to bring a little magic into your life as well. 

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